About FormulaShare

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FormulaShare is a free and open source Salesforce app, available on the AppExchange.

Created to address limitations with native Salesforce sharing, FormulaShare allows formula fields, text fields and ids to define who Salesforce records should be shared with. FormulaShare can reduce the number of sharing rules in an org, and replace complex apex sharing with click & configure functionality.

Key features:

  • Records are shared to a user, role or group specified in a formula, lookup or text field
  • Sharing changes are assessed in real time as shared records are created and modified
  • Records can be shared with Read or Edit levels of access
  • Rules are custom metadata, so can be managed by admins and packaged for deployment
  • Standard and custom objects are supported
  • Works with Classic and Lightning
  • Powered by Salesforce apex / managed sharing

The app has passed the rigorous Salesforce security review. All code and metadata is open source under the MIT license, and is available on Github. Contributions to the product are welcome - get in touch or send us a pull request!