FormulaShare v1.12 May '20

Patch release

Separate internal and internal and portal subordinate sharing options (Github)

Fix has been implemented for the "Roles and Internal Subordinates" sharing option to ensure that sharing applied will provide access only to internal subordinates in orgs with and without communities. Prior to this release, for orgs with communities enabled and either Partner or Customer Community Plus license types, rules would create sharing with the type Roles, Internal and Portal Subordinates, and share with any external roles beneath internal roles in the hierarchy.

In addition, a new option is available for sharing rules "Roles, Internal and Portal Subordinates". Rules with this option will share to both internal subordinate roles, and external subordinate roles of all types (Partner and Customer Community Plus users with access to communities or portals).

List of available sharing options
Sharing options now include both Roles and Internal Subordinates and Roles, Internal and Portal Subordinates

For organisations upgrading to this version, no further changes are needed to ensure sharing applies to internal users only. Any share records created by FormulaShare for rules using the option Roles and Internal Subordinates will automatically be reassessed with the next scheduled batch job, and sharing including portal subordinates will be replaced with share records providing the access level Roles and Internal Subordinates.