Apex Frameworks In 2022

For London's Calling 2022, Rob Baillie and I included reference to a few Salesforce open source projects in our talk "Apex Frameworks for Architects"

To prepare for this we captured projects we've used before together with those we've heard about or found along the way, and grouped these by the use cases they're directed towards. For those we've tried out, either previously or during research for the talk, we've given a measure of "Initial Ease of Use" and "Range of Features" - these are subjective and based on our experiences getting to know the capabilities, so take them with a pinch of salt. For those made publicly available on Github we also captured the number of stars and forks at time of research as a measure of adoption.

Though we were only able to touch on a few areas in the talk itself, we thought it may be interesting to some to share the full list we looked at, as well as frameworks we didn't eventually have time to review - these are the ones with some blanks cells.

Whilst by no means complete we think this represents a fairly good starting point of projects to investigate to address key framework use cases in 2022.

A big thanks to all the authors and contributors publishing or involved in all of these projects - we appreciate everyone's contributions to the ecosystem and for making Salesforce a better platform to work with.