FormulaShare Release Notes

FormulaShare V3 March 2023


The next major release is here! There are a few big enhancements coming in this version:

Cross-object sharing rules (Lite, Enterprise and Unlimited)

This is a big one! FormulaShare allows information from related objects to determine sharing, and we've boosted this ability in a big way.

It's now possible to share based on a field in an object connected through a series of lookups to the shared object.

FormulaShare V2.0 Nov '20

Major release

Significant functional and usability enhancements have arrived!

This version is now available to install from the AppExchange. Automatic upgrades to production orgs will take place from January 2021 unless requested otherwise. See the sections below for an overview, and check the help guide for full details.

Lightning app to simplify rule management

FormulaShare V1.13 Jun '20

Patch release

Bugfix: Custom object trigger deletions remove shares for other records (Github)

Prior to this release, if the documented approach was used for trigger code on a custom object, the line below would have the effect of removing all FormulaShare sharing for records for this object other than the records being created or updated:

    delete helper.getSharesToDelete();

FormulaShare v1.1 Jun '19

Initial distributed version

Support for rule configuration via custom metadata

Standard and custom object support

Sharing to roles, roles and subordinates, users or groups

Batch job can be scheduled for full rule recalculation

Real time assessment triggered by calling global class methods

Logging of scheduled recalculations