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Not long ago*, I spent time collaborating with Amit Chaudhary and Debarun Sengupta on a video series for Apex Hours covering various aspects of choosing and implementing authorisation and authentication flows in Salesforce:

Single Sign On Videos

OAuth 2.0 Videos - Coming Soon!!


Debarun's videos are focused on how to set up common flows available in Salesforce, and mine explore why you might opt for one flow over another, and what to think about to make the right decision.

In these articles (very delayed due in part to procrastinating learning to embed an iframe in Drupal😅) I wanted to highlight the topics covered in each video and show how these relate to other content on the site. Whilst I hope it's helpful to collate this here as well, I'd really recommend checking out Apex Hours full and evolving resources around identity management.

Please be conscious these videos represent a point-in-time view and information may become out of date over time. Whilst it won't be practical to update the videos themselves the associated articles will be kept up to date on cloudsundial.com.

An enormous thanks to Debarun for his great contributions and Amit for coordinating everything, and even more for publishing such an extensive and excellent set of resources from authors all across the ecosystem. Apex Hours provides so much value to our community and I've found so much fantastic developer and architecture stuff there over the years.

In addition to checking out the Apex Hours site do subscribe to their youtube channel to get the latest content as it's made available.


*OK, early 2021. 18 months goes fast!