Scheduling the batch

The last step before setting up some rules is to schedule the FormulaShare batch job. This job checks and updates sharing for records in all shared objects, and needs to be scheduled on a regular basis - we recommend once per day.

It's really important that this job is scheduled by someone who has the Modify All permission for all objects involved in rules, as well as full access to create and read all records in FormulaShare configuration objects (appropriate access to FormulaShare configuration objects is provided by the FormulaShare Admin permission set, so ensure the running user has this permission set assigned too).

To schedule, navigate to the Salesforce Setup menu, type “Apex Classes” and click on the menu item. Click the “Schedule Apex button shown below:

Schedule Apex

Select the class “FormulaShareProcessSchedulable” to be scheduled.

Job Name can be anything - this distinguishes the processing job in the setup menu.
Apex Class should be “FormulaShareProcessSchedulable”.

Other parameters can be set to your preferred values. We’d recommend having the job run every day by setting Frequency to “Weekly” and ticking all of the days of the week.

Now we’re ready to configure some sharing logic!