FormulaShare Rules

FormulaShare Rule Setup

FormulaShare Rules work a lot like Salesforce's standard sharing rules, but provide extra capabilities which support more dynamic and data-driven use cases. This section summarises everything you need to set up and manage the rules:

  • Creating a field to control sharing - Rules are driven a field which indicates the user, role or group needing access for each record. This section outlines how to set this up and a few considerations
  • Creating a rule - Configuring the rule itself, which specifies which object to share, which field to reference, and the level of access to provide
  • Account rule considerations - Extra capabilities are available with rules sharing accounts to control access to related contacts, opportunities and cases
  • Manager Group rules - Sharing to users' managers or subordinates based on the hierarchy defined by the "Manager" field on the user record
  • Default Account/Opportunity Team rules - Sharing to members of users' default team
  • Custom Metadata rules - Configuration of rules which share to users, roles or groups indicated on a custom metadata record
  • FormulaShare Rules list - Things to know about this tab, which provides a summary of the configuration and application of each rule

Examples reference

Throughout this section, we mention example sharing which relates to the scenario below. It's often easier to describe and visualise sharing with a real scenario in mind!

Let’s say we’re working for an international NGO, who fundraise donations for projects across Sub-Saharan Africa. We hold records of donations in a custom object called... “Donation”. Donations are made for specific programmes running in one of the countries our NGO works in, and should be visible to the in-country finance staff working on those programmes:

Example Data Model

The trouble is, our organisation is pretty big, and works in over 60 countries. Even if we could identify the country for the Donation object in a field, we wouldn’t be able to use criteria-based sharing to share to each of the country roles without bumping up against the Salesforce limit.

FormulaShare provides ways to share Donation records with the country staff, and also meet other interesting use cases, like sharing Programmes to users specified on related Donations. The article links on the left explain how these kinds of rules can be set up.