Sharing to Manager Groups

FormulaShare Enterprise / Unlimited Only

Enterprise and Unlimited versions of FormulaShare provide the ability to share to Manager Groups.

Manager groups are sets of users defined through the standard "Manager" field on the User record:

Location of Manager lookup on the user record

A FormulaShare Rule to share using this hierarchy should be set up to reference a lookup (or text field) which identifies a user which defines on each record which manager group receives access. There are two group types which can be used for sharing:

  • Managers of Users: Includes the user's manager identified by the lookup on their user record, as well as all users above this user in the manager hierarchy. Note that this group doesn't include the user themselves. If the user should also receive access, a second FormulaShare rule can be used which references the same field
  • Users and Manager Subordinates: Includes all users which have the identified user specified as their manager in the Manager lookup field. This group also includes the user themselves
Screenshot showing manager group sharing

If manager group options aren't shown in FormulaShare, this could be because Manager Group sharing isn't enabled. This is set in the org-wide default sharing settings page in setup by enabling the Manager Groups option below:

Manager Group sharing setting