Accessing and deploying metadata

All configuration for FormulaShare is held in custom metadata. This means rules and other configuration can be managed in source control and deployed between orgs using the Salesforce CLI, change sets and DevOps platforms such as Copado, Gearset or DevOps Center.

The custom metadata types used by FormulaShare are:

FormulaShare Rule (sdfs__FormulaShare_Rule__mdt)
Defines all configuration for a rule. FormulaShare Rule custom metadata records are created and updated each time changes are made from the FormulaShare Rules page.

FormulaShare Settings (sdfs__FormulaShare_Settings__mdt)
Includes any settings overrides for the org. As only one set of settings can be active, typically orgs would only need a single record in this metadata type. These records if needed can be created directly in the custom metadata type.

FormulaShare Std Object to Remove Shares 
Records set up here will include the configuration defined in the Object Settings section of the FormulaShare Settings menu. Records will only be created after settings are changed to differ from the app defaults.

FormulaShare Targeted Job (sdfs__FormulaShare_Targeted_Job__mdt)
Each record in this metadata type represents the configuration schedule for a Targeted Calculation Job, defined in the FormulaShare Settings menu.